Joining details 2021

Intending members of the Club 

Please visit our 'Documents' Page- COVID 19 Updated

What happens in our first class?

 New members will be signed in  - introduced to the relevant Ace Coach/Team Leader upon their joining in at the class for warm up.

 Parents are encouraged not to stay with the child. You may sit outside but refrain from looking in disturbing the progression of your child settling in.

How many classes can we take without joining?

Athletes allowed 2 taster classes at €7 per class. Each class must be paid. Previous agreement must be made with the Director Fiona before new athletes can come in to join a taster class.

   After the second taster class once you are happy to sign up, registration takes place and you're ACE.

What information do we need to share with the club?

  Full disclosure of athletes previous injuries and/or illnesses/ disabilities must be stated before the athlete attends so we are aware of how to deal with any emergency situation that may or may not arise.

Ensure the admin has all current contact information plus any health issues which are relevant plus the treatment.

What do we offer?

We offer Competitive Cheerleading Team and/or Solo/ Stunt Training also, Competitive and Recreation Hip Hop Classes as well as a Recreational Gymnastics Club.

Gymnastics is a Recreational Club with in house competition held in Tuam or surrounding areas. 

 Cheerleading in Ace is a competitive sport from the Tiny team (4yrs) to the Seniors. Each year we take part in – In House Showcases/National competition held in March at The Breaffy House Hotel/ 21CC competition in December which takes place in Meath.

Hip Hop in Ace is both competitive and recreational we have a Mini team and a Youth team who take part in- In House showcases/National competitions in March in Castlebar and in Meath at the 21CC Competition in December.

What do we need to wear?

  • Leggings or shorts/tee shirt
  • Hair off face in bun or ponytail
  • No jewellery allowed
  • Bring water only – no sugary drinks allowed
  • Bare feet only for gymnastics
  • (Gymnastics Leotards to purchase @ €20, once registration is paid)
  • Smooth white trainers for cheerleaders  

What qualification do your Ace Coaches have?

 All Ace Coaches Qualifications/First Aid/Courses etc are on the notice board for you to see, as well as our Child Welfare officer details.
Head to our Staff Team page for all the information about our coaches!       

How do we become a member?

       Registration is €90 and renewable in September each year.
(reduced to €45 from May)

This covers

  1. Extra specific gymnastic/cheerleading/tumbling insurance etc.
  2. Club tee shirt also given out once registration is paid.
    Once paid this is non-refundable.
  3. Code of Conduct must be signed as well as the Register Form.
  4. All classes must be paid for even if your athlete is absent due to rent, wages etc being paid.
  5. Cost of classes will be sent monthly through a members only online portal.

Can we skip some classes?

 All classes are expected to be attended each week due to learning individual and team-based elements.

 If you are unable to make a class, please text in advance so the Lesson Plan can be altered, and your child marked absent from the system.