Aoife- Head Coach

Aoife Mc Nevin Ace High Cheerleading Head Coach
Name- Aoife Mc Nevin
Age- 23 Years old
Club Position- Head Coach & Choreographer
  • Qualified with the International Cheerleading Union Level1-7
  • Qualified Varsity Judge
  • Qualified Safety & Rules Judge
  • First Aid
  • Garda Vetted
  • National Team Athlete for the first ever Cheerleading Team Ireland to compete at the Cheerleading World Championships in 2011.
  • National Team Athlete for the first ever Dance Team Ireland to compete at the Cheer & Dance World Championships in 2012 as part of a Jazz Duo.
  • Won multiple National Titles and Grand Championship Titles as an athlete as well as a coach.
  • Competed in the UK and other International events.
    Represented Ireland at the European Cheer Championships in Bonn, Germany in 2014 as a Flyer in a Senior Elite Stunt Group.
  • Head Coach of Ace High’s MPU High School Team to represent Ireland at the High School World Championships in Florida 2019, placing second International
  • Assistant coach of Senior Co Ed Team Ireland competing at World Championships 2020.
  • International Judge for Varsity & other event producers.
  • National and International titles in Acrobatic Gymnastics.
Fun Fact-  Aoife once lived in New York