Care For Shane Fundraising

The Care for Shane Balloon Release takes place every year in Tuam Town Park.
The balloons, which cost €5, can be bought in shops locally in Tuam, from volunteers or online.

Every Year, Ace Gymnastics and Cheerleading display at this incredible event within our community.

One balloon flew all the way from Tuam to a location near Brussels – almost 1,000 kilometres away.

There is up to 5,000 balloons released in his honour as his family plans to bring him home for good.

A CHARITABLE trust is being set up to help the Grogan family in Tuam move one step closer to bringing their son Shane home after he suffered a serious brain injury as the result of an assault in the town in august 2012.
Shane Grogan (28) requires round the clock hospital care following the assault in which he was struck on the head with a brick on the Milltown Road, Tuam in the early hours of August 5, 2012 He underwent surgery in Beaumont Hospital and remained there for eight weeks.

He was transferred to UCH Galway in October (2012).
In July 2013 he was moved to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoghaire where he spent the next three months receiving treatment.
He was returned to UCH Galway and spent a further four months there. He is now in a nursing home in Tuam where he receives excellent care.
Shane was been transferred to the Central England Rehabilitation Unit in Leamington Spa on the 5th May 2015 where he will spent at least three months getting treatment.

In September 2013 a Trust was set up to help Shane.
The aim of the Trust is to build a self-contained unit at his family’s house in Tuam so that they could bring him home. Due to the seriousness of his injury this has to be scaled back but will still go ahead this year.

The Care for Shane fund has raised over €120,000 so far.

A Care for Shane account has been set up in St Jarlath’s Credit Union Tuam where donations can be made to Account No: 496900.

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